"Travel with a Difference"—with Karl
# of people on Karl's Trips # of countries visited # of people at Karl's "Weekends"
almost 2,000  
about 67 
over 11,000    


15 Days, July–August 2011, 1st class hotels, 2 meals/day (plus extras);
Land Only $2495; with Air from NY est. $3395; single supplement approx. $475
With our "amazing Bulgarian extras" this is one of the best tour values around

By joining us, you have a unique opportunity to...
  • ... see many of the beautiful sights of this delightful country with its wide-ranging culture and topography. (You'll experience the various regions of this multi-faceted country, with its mix of influences from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.)
  • ... learn Bulgarian dances straight from the source, dancing with local villagers accompanied by local musicians.
  • ... be hosted by local Bulgarian performing groups, learn from them, dance with them.
  • ... meet, eat, drink, sing and dance in a village with the Bulgarians who live there.
  • ... be honored guests in a Bulgarian village and participate in Festivals.
  • ... join with the hundreds of others who have traveled to Bulgaria with Karl Finger since 1979, probably the most of any American cultural tour group.

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